Mission and Vision


Our number one priority is to provide customers with high quality health care and Delivering satisfaction through quality services in a friendly and compassionate environment.

  • Operating at the highest standards of safe and ethical practices and demonstrating continuous improvement.
  • Selecting the most appropriate services to produce the desired health outcomes.
  • Providing clear pathways by ensuring collaboration, consultation. effective communication with health service providers.
  • Promoting health and providing care based on a commitment to well being of the patients.
  • Caring for the health of our staff and developing a culture of trust, and training for personal growth.


Our vision is that Queens Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd will become the location of choice for All Bangladeshi people and people of Asia for quality healthcare and Diagnostic Tests.


  • Undertake societal and spiritual development of all mankind.
  • Foster unity and brotherhood amongst all human beings and inspire Divine love.Teach all, the virtues of humility.
  • Enable all human beings to recognize and realize the relationship between the Creator and creation.
  • Enable all to become conscious of a person’s duty to the Creator and to his fellow human beings.
  • Provide all possible help to alleviate sufferings of humanity in distress.
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